The man who called himself Abraham Hunter sat in a dark room, lit only by computer monitors and his cigarette. The walls were lined with file cabinets and photographs of UFOs. It was dominated by his desk, a huge metal structure with three huge computer monitors on it.
A world map lay beside the keyboard. A line had been traced with a highlighter from North Carolina to Tennessee down to Mexico. It continued across to Xian, China and Tibet, then into Russia and across the pole to Mechanicsburg, Ohio.
Mr. Hunter was a man who had money and used it to get what he wanted. Two decades ago the government had broken up his company that used payphones to trade prepaid transportation services. The partners had received all the stock but he had walked away with thirty billion in cash. This had funded his lifelong dream to search for alien artifacts around the globe.
As a teenager he’d told all the kids at school when his saw his first flying saucer. He now realized the ridicule and abuse had pushed him past the edge of sanity. But he had embraced his broken psyche. With his money he wasn’t crazy, he was eccentric! The day the company was sold the man he was had died and Abraham Hunter was born.
For two decades he’d spent billions to hunt down extraterrestrials and their artifacts. The discoveries would have been mind blowing, if his mind hadn’t already been blown. He wanted to possess anything alien and considered the U.S. Government a competitor. The mysterious men dressed in black were more than rivals, they were the enemy.
John Parker and Kathy Bennett had been in Ohio when Oscar Byrd began digging for information about the CIA agent. Mr. Hunter knew about the Horse and Buggy Archive but had never had access. Oscar’s source owed Hunter a favor, so the information was passed to him as well. And that was all it took.
Abraham Hunter flew his supersonic jet straight to Charlotte and grilled Oscar Byrd. When he left fifteen minutes later Mr. Hunter knew everything about the affair that Oscar did. He had his way of getting what he wanted.
Abraham Hunter was aware he saw aliens behind every bush. But he truly believed extraterrestrials were much more involved on earth than they wanted us to believe. He knew the Maya had been involved with aliens and had his reasons for believing this. He didn’t know what new treasures Parker would turn up but wanted to be there when he did.
For now, he waited. Abraham Hunter didn’t have direct access to many government sources or any of the networks of the super secret men in sunglasses, but he had watchers around the globe. If the pair turned up anywhere he’d know about it. All he needed to know was where they were going and his ten billion dollar computer system would show him all possible leads.
One of the rotary phones under his desk rang. He picked up the phone, then hung up. They had landed at the Nazca Lines. He punched the information into his computer and waited. A minute later he began tracing the connections his program had created. Then he smiled. He had found exactly what he was looking for.