Susan was exhausted, dehydrated and drunk. She was annoyed to no end about her failure to incept John and his intern. She fully expected not to get the job. She was actually looking forward to the fifteen hour flight to the States to “get used to it.” The three tiny plastic bottles in the floor of her first class seat showed she’d already started.
The flight attendant signaled to her and the journalist carefully walked forward to where the phone was. They’d just gotten in the air and she wanted to call Oscar before she started her pity party. Better him hear it from her than somebody else. And hear it from her when she was still at least half sober.
He finally got on the line and she told him what had happened. She left nothing out, even adding speculations of her own. Finally she stopped talking and just sat there. After a moment Oscar spoke.
“Susan, I know all about it. The State Department called about you and I told what little I knew. They filled me in on most of what you’ve told me.” She could hear him let out a long sigh. “Look sweetheart, just get back here safely. We’ll figure out about the job. Get some sleep. I’ll be looking forward to seeing you.”
The he hung up.