When the three walked out of the giant warehouse Sergei was nowhere to be seen. The Russian security forces ignored them as they crossed to the MDXs and got in. Anne paused to whisper something to Kathy then the SUVs rolled out of the plant and stopped in the courtyard.
A black limousine sat there. Kathy got out, walked back to it and got in the back. The Acuras started moving again and the limousine followed. In the limo Kathy sat across from a CIA supervisor from Langley. She wasn’t surprised to see him.
“Miss … Litz,  I’ll get straight to the point. A Professor Braun arrived at the Operations Directorate and asked to meet me. He brought me up to speed on your activities and the details of what you’re looking into.”
Kathy nodded. This was the tricky moment. She had gone well beyond her assignment and mandate. Now was when the gavel fell. He went on.
“I need to know if this egghead is right? I mean, is this a credible threat? More importantly, is this a matter of national security?”
Kathy took a deep breath and projected confidence as she spoke. In a man’s world aggressive confidence got rewarded. Although she never bluffed she’d cultivated the ability to project that confidence. Contrary to her instincts Kathy’s superiors didn’t want to know all the details. They just wanted assurance their subordinates could do what needed done. She didn’t really get that, but realizing it had helped her move ahead.
“Yes sir, it is true. At this point it looks like the Maya may be on the money about Twenty Twelve. Somehow they had acquired advanced knowledge of space based threats to Earth. I’m going to definitely peg it as a matter of national security since there are only nine months left in this year.”
He nodded as he opened his briefcase. “I’ve been informed you’re headed for the States so I want a summary on my desk as soon as you land.” He handed her a manila envelope. “Congratulations on your new security clearance. I’ll try to get you a pay raise.”
Kathy took the envelope and he went on as the car stopped. “Be careful about working with ‘them.’ They have their own agenda. So far it’s been the same as ours.”
Kathy nodded and got out of the car. As she walked to the MDX the limo raced off down a street between factories, followed by a black SUV that had been waiting. A moment later the three MDXs were on their way to the airport.