Well, if you ever wanted to feel like you were in a Hollywood blockbuster, today’s the day. Asteroid 2005 YU55, the size of an aircraft carrier, is passing 202,000 miles away at 6:28 pm EST. While scientist say it won’t be a threat I’m just praying their calculations are correct. Of course a blog about apocalypse and 2012 should mention this today.

Will this hit the earth? Probably not. But its a great time to evaluate your life. If this hits your neighborhood, how will you spend today? If it hits close enough to disrupt your life how will you spend today. And if it really were the last day on planet Earth, how would you spend today?

Is there anyone you’d say anything special to? Are you prepared for a disaster? Could you survive in a post-strike world? These are all questions to take to heart today.

Obviously I expect this blog to stay up with more postings—eventually. (I promise!) But for the moment let’s all pause and consider these other questions. If the asteroid hits us, good luck. If not, come back to read the posts I promise I’ll eventually get up.