Well, I think my incredible system isn’t working anymore. I haven’t updated y’all in about two or three weeks and I’ve done less writing. Today was a bright spot as I was able to post ten or eleven episodes to the blog. Its a very pleasant feeling to share what you’ve written with others and I’ve enjoyed today.

So where am I? Last time I updated everybody the First Draft was at 37,783 words and 119 pages. Right now its up to 42,851 words and 135 pages. My Final Draft was at 18,118 words with Chapter Four and Episode Sixteen posted. Today my Final Draft is at 29,574 words and you can read all the way through Chapter Seven and Episode Twenty Seven.

I’m not as disappointed as was before, but I still need to write more. Read the blog, post comments. Let me know what you like and don’t. Your input will affect what I am writing. Thanks again for reading this and have a great day.