Susan Burgher sat in the hotel room, sipped white wine and smiled. This was civilization. This was where she should have been all along. As the door opened the journalist looked up as three Chinese men in suits entered the room and closed the door behind them. Two stood while the third took a seat across from her at the small table. He laid a manila folder on it and took out an ink pen. Then he looked at her closely.
“Please state your name.”
“Susan Burgher.”
“Your occupation?”
“I am a journalist employed by Media Content, LLC.”
“Why are you in the People‘s Republic?”
“I came here to get the scoop on a fellow journalist. We’re both after the same promotion. Well, he got it and I didn’t.” She smiled, letting the alcohol run to her head. This wasn’t the entire truth, but that was okay.
The Security Service Officer made a note, then went on. “And why did you contact our office?”
“I believe the woman my colleague is traveling with is a spy, or agent, or something to do with the American government.”
The man frowned and looked up at the intoxicated foreigner. “Did you know this when you entered our nation?”
“I had my suspicions.”
“And you waited till now to mention them?”
Susan shrugged. “I thought I could get the scoop. I didn’t have any reason to.” Once again, this wasn’t entirely true. But once she’d played her hand and lost a phone call to Oscar gave her the name of a secret police contact And here she was.
The Officer sighed, jotted down another note then looked back up at her. “So why are you telling us now?”
“I’d like for you to pick them up and dispose of them.”
He frowned again, considering his next question. “Can you identify them?”
“John Parker is a journalist and Andrea Litz  is traveling as a his photographer. But I believe they’re actually engaged in espionage.”
The Chinese Officer jotted a note on a separate sheet of paper and handed it to one of the other men who tucked it in his pocket and left the room. The interrogator closed his folder and studied her with resignation.  “Do you have any idea where they are headed?”
She shook her head. “No. When I didn’t get the scoop I came straight to you.”
The Officer sighed and stood. He’d expected as much from the stupid drunken American reporter.  “We will look into the matter while you remain here as a guest of the People’s Republic.” He turned to go. “If you need any other … refreshments just call Room Service and they will put it on your tab.”