Kathy opened her eyes and reality came rushing in. For a moment she fondly recalled the days she could luxuriate in a post-sleep stupor. But working for The Company required her to be wide-awake the moment her eyes opened.
The sunglasses lightened and she took in the world around her, the window to her right and the journalist to her left. He was studying a book, occasionally making a note or two. She tried to remember if she’d been dreaming about him. No, it had been a dream about—Greg.
She frowned, but forced herself to enjoy the silent cabin around them. She had hung a digital watch on the seat in front of her and now Kathy realized she’d been asleep ten hours. She’d needed it.
After five minutes she stirred and felt something fall past her calf. Taking off the shades she stretched in the spacious first class seat. Then she picked up the Number Two pencil from the floor.
John grinned. “It rolled but you looked so peaceful I didn’t want to disturb you.”
“Andrea” returned the pencil and smiled. “Thanks. I needed the sleep.”
As she stood he stood and stepped into the aisle so she wouldn’t have to crawl over him. She gave him an appreciative smile and headed aft as he sat back down. When she returned a minute later he again stood to allow a graceful entry. Seated, she looked at the book he was reading.
“Wow, that’s been around a while.”
“Yeah, its full of information, though.”
Kathy glanced around the dimmed cabin. “Anything happen while I was out?”
“No, its been a great flight so far. First class is incredible.”
She grinned. “It is. Do you fly up here much?”
“Actually this is my first time.”
“You’re in for quite a treat. I believe the drinks are free.”
John shook his head. “I’m a teetotaler. Feel free, though.”
Kathy’s grin broadened. “Actually I don’t either. I just thought that maybe…”
He smiled. “No, I don’t drink, smoke, gamble or womanize. I’m the anti-journalist. I have no life.”
A flight attendant interrupted the slightly awkward moment. “Can I get you two anything?”
John smiled. “A bottled water, please.”
Kathy nodded. “Make that two.”
The woman walked to the bar at the front and Kathy leaned back. “I think I’m going to get more sleep while I can.” The bottles of water arrived. Kathy finished hers then pulled out her sunglasses. She smiled at the journalist. “Enjoy your book.”
He nodded, looking at the thick, old book. “Yeah, I’ll do that.”