Wow. What a week. I’ve been under the weather for much of it so my writing has suffered significantly. On the bright side, Chapter Four is on the Web. This brings theposted Final Draft to 18,118 words. You can read up to Chapter Four and Episode Sixteen.

The First Draft isn’t doing as well. Its up to 37,783 words and 119 pages. Last week it was at 36,571 and 110 pages. Feeling bad is awful. But I’m better and my outlining is going very very well. Its like the old proverb on how to eat an elephant. One bite at a time.

Feel free to leave feedback on the blog. If you don’t like something, if you see a mistake or if you have a suggestion, let me know. The sooner I know, the sooner I can fit it into the novel. This blog is not just me publishing a book using the new medium of the Internet. This is an interactive experiment.  Let me know what you think. It will help the novel become what it should.

Well, hopefully I’ll get feeling better. Chapter Five is being edited and the First Draft is coming along. Everybody take care and have a great week.