Susan Burgher stood in the luggage pickup area smoking and watching the car. She was beginning to get worried about Trevor. Mexico was a dangerous place right now and he wasn’t the safest part of town . She was relieved when her phone vibrated. But it was just Jim.
“Well, did they do it?”
“No, two rent-a-cops hustled them out a door as we were getting ready to move.” The hair on Susan’s neck stood up.
Following her instincts the woman melted into the crowd.
“So, where are you now?”
“Headed out.”
“Don’t you think its strange they were pulled out at the last minute?”
“No, it was some random security check.”
Susan wasn’t so sure. “Well, get out here and let’s get out of here.”
Jim hung up and Susan snuffed out her cigarette, pulling off the jacket she was wearing. She milled around in the crowd watching the door. Jim and the two thugs came through it. They spotted the car and headed in that direction.
Suddenly two black Suburbans came out of nowhere and stopped on either side of the three. Masked men with submachine guns leapt out. Jim and the two thugs were grabbed and hauled into one of the SUVs. A moment later they were gone.
Two men from the other SUV walked to her car and the assassin’s car parked next to it. They unlocked the doors, got in and drove away followed by the second SUV. Susan let the crowd carry her through into the terminal. She left her coat and phone on a bench outside the door.
Susan was a journalist. She’d covered stories in places where the powers that be did not want any attention. She’d been to Mexico several times and had a few friends she could count on.
An hour later she was safely ensconced in the apartment of one of those contacts. Using their phone she dialed Oscar’s pager then waited ten minutes. Oscar had a special prepaid cell phone just for her. When she dialed his pager he had ten minutes to get in a discreet location to take her call. Unfortunately this call wasn’t going to be as pleasant as most of the ones she made to that line.
When he answered she could tell he knew something was up. “Susan, are you alright.”
“I am but I don’t know about Jim or Trevor.” She related the events of the past hour. “Who was that intern, Oscar? Who does she work for?”
On his end Oscar Byrd groaned. “I can’t tell you. You need to come home. This is getting too dangerous.”
Susan frowned. “Oscar, I’m not giving up the Columbia position. Not this easily. Can you tell me where Parker is headed?”
There was a pause on the other end. Oscar didn’t want to give her the information. He knew something she didn’t. She began to get the feeling they were in over their head. Susan wondered if she would ever see Jim or Trevor again. She heard Oscar sigh.
“He’s booked a flight for two to China. It took off two hours ago so you’re still playing catch-up. it’s a three hour drive to Merida on the other side of the Yucatan. Get there and I’ll have a seat waiting on you. Now go.” Then he hung up.