Now its been two weeks since I started my push to finish my novel. I’m afraid y’all haven’t seen much of what I’ve got done but I promise you will. Most of my work has gone into the first draft. I must edit some more and get it on the blog.

Last week the First Draft consisted of 30698 words and I had completed up to Chapter 9, Episode 29, Page 88. Right now I’m up to Chapter 10, Episode 30, Page 110 and it  has 36751 words in it. The Final Draft up on the blog isn’t doing near as well. Its at 13529 words and on Chapter Three Episode Eleven(which is all of Chapter Three). Last week I had posted 12825 words, bringing me to Chapter Three, Episode Ten. Yeah, I need to get more online.

I’m really excited because this is the biggest piece of work I’ve ever done. I completed a 30000 novel once but that’s been it. Its such an exciting feeling to get this far.

Thank you so much for reading this. This week Chapter Four will be put on the blog, taking us up through Episode 16. Things change in Chapter Four. Stayed tuned.