Okay! Its been one week since my new plan to finish the novel was begun. Let’s see how well its gone. As of last week the First Draft was at Chapter 8, Episode 27, page 1( which was actually page 70) and 23,677 words. The Final Draft—which is what’s posted online- was at Chapter 3, Episode 9 and 10927 words. Over the past fourteen hours, forty six minutes have been invested in the novel.

DRAFT ONE——Chapter 9, Episode 29, Page 88, 30698 words. FINAL DRAFT—– Chapter Three Episode Ten, 12825 words.

Well, this is a satisfying accomplishment. There’s several strategies you may find useful yourself.

1. Outlining.

Instead of writing an entire episode at a time, break it down into paragraphs. Create a mini-outline then just fill in the holes.

2. Chart

Charting your success can give a sense of time and how far you’ve moved toward your goal. Without a chart the goal seems bigger and you have no sense of what you’ve got done.

3. Focus

Although only fourteen and a half hours went directly into the novel, more time was spent in planning. A little voice recorder came in handy to record an outline for one episode.


That’s it for this week. Thank you for checking in. By next hopefully there’ll be even more good news.