Well, despite appearances I’m finishing Love’s Final Spring at about the same rate I usually work. But last night I was sitting there and realized this isn’t my usual novel. I’m doing this for the whole world to see. I finally have a audience—you. So, I need to step it up.

The biggest difference in this novel is the editing process. Usually I write it, sit on it, print it out, mark it up with a red pencil and punch the changes into the computer.  To blog my novel I have to write, edit, post. Then I write, edit, and post again. Its a whole new world.

In the last episode I tried to show the 2012 Mayan calendar event was a theme to the novel. (Yes, I’m telling, not showing.) So Love’s Final Spring probably should be done before January. This post is an effort to speed that up. Every week I’m going to share part of what’s going on with the novel. Hopefully this will speed things up. I would like to get the novel done in two months.

I’ve pulled together a nifty spreadsheet to keep me on track. Just click on the picture to see it better.

As you can see there’s a lot that needs to be edited and posted online. Bear with me as I try to make my self-imposed deadline. I think I can do.

Thank you for your patience and have a great week.