by Maxine Vivienne
    Kathy Bennett sipped her cappuccino and looked around the plaza.
It was a bright April day in Arlington, Virginia and she was feeling
good. She spotted a tall, good looking guy walking down the stairs
across the plaza. The Hard Rock Café t-shirt he wore over his blue
jeans showed off his six pack abs.  A pair of mirror aviator sun
glasses hid his eyes from the crowd around him. Wow, he would be a
good catch for somebody.
     She took another sip of her coffee, twisted the diamond ring
on her left hand and wondered if this was too much caffeine for her.
Oh well, she felt good today. Kathy made eye contact with the tall,
black haired man as he reach the bottom of the stairs. He looked
back at her and smiled. Well, no wonder.
    Not only did she feel good today, she looked good. The 27 year
old accountant was dressed to the nines. She had pulled out a pair
of two inch pumps and her best suit for a meeting this morning.
Her shoulder length hair had been done the night before and still
had great wave. It was too nice a day, she was too young not to
have a good time. Then he began walking toward her table. Well
Kathy, she thought, be careful what you ask for.
    She straightened her skirt self consciously and went back to
reading the New Yorker. Over the top of the magazine she saw the
pair of sneakers stop. As she coyly glanced up over her sun-
glasses the good looking guy leaned on the chair across from her.
“May I help you?” She asked.
“Yes.” Then he leaned over and kissed her mouth. After a long
kiss he sat down and picked up her coffee. As he took a sip
Kathy looked at her fiancee and decided that yes, Greg Martin
would be a good catch for somebody. He pushed the coffee back
across the table.
“So, how was the meeting?”
She grinned. “Wonderful. I blew them away.”
He smiled and checked his I-Phone. “I knew you would. You
don’t have enough confidence in yourself.”
    Greg leaned forward across the table. “Listen, I’ve got to
leave town tonight.” He laid his hand on hers. “Why don’t you
come along. The meeting’s in Montreal. I’ve got the best hotel
room in the city. You’d love the view.”
He scooted his chair around the table to her side. “Besides,”
He pressed his lips to her neck. “I want to spend some quality
time getting …” He paused significantly and whispered in her
ear. “… to know you better.”
    Kathy pushed him away with a smile. Yeah, did he ever.
“Greg, I can’t. I’ve got meetings in Atlanta, Miami, and St.
Augustine. My schedule’s booked up. And besides…” She took
his hand and laid it in her lap under her own. “…as far as
getting to know each I promise…” Now she pressed against
him and whispered in his ear. “In six months you’ll going
to get to know me very well.”
    He pulled his hand back to his own lap and frowned,
his lower lip hanging out in a mock pout. “You’re no fun.”
    Kathy groaned and arched her neck backwards. “Oh, don’t
say that. I’m so close to a promotion I can taste it.” She
looked back at him. “Guess what I saw today?”
Greg grinned. He could never stay down long. “A swimsuit
for the honeymoon. Or maybe something else for the
    She giggled. This guy had a one track mind. “No, that
house in Pentagon City we looked at is back on the market.”
She fished out a piece of legal paper. “Look here. Between
the two of us we could swing the three million. Your
practice is going well. If my work stays steady we
should have just enough.”
    He studied the figures and nodded. “I don’t see why
not. A beautiful girl like you should have a house like
that to entertain me in.” He grinned. “You just wait.
I’m gonna give you anything you want.”
    Overcome with emotion suddenly Kathy wrapped her
arms around her fiancée. Surprised, he slowly put his
around her and held her there.
“Come on now, its okay.”
She looked up into his face and pulled off her
sunglasses. “I know Greg, its perfect. Its just too
He grinned again, leaving his shades on. “Sweetheart,
nothing’s too perfect for you.”
Sighing she settled her head on his shoulder. “I know,
Greg, I guess I’m just nervous.”